Writing and Applying for Grants

With former SoFCB President Elizabeth Yale, and with Senior Fellows Ryan Cordell and Alex Hidalgo.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to hear from SoFCB fellows who have secured individual and collaborative grants and fellowships for research and teaching in the humanities; share their own tips and ideas; network with potential collaborators; and workshop proposals and project ideas. Participants will leave the workshop with examples of successful proposals, tips and feedback they can apply in their own applications, and access to a network of fellows who can provide feedback and guidance on future proposals.

Participants are warmly invited to bring a draft proposal or idea for a proposal to discuss with others in the workshop, but all are welcome, whether they wish to share a draft or not. If you’re thinking about applying for a grant or fellowship in the future; are actively working on an application; or have tips to share from your experience applying for funding, this workshop is for you! If you have a draft proposal or an idea for a proposal (even if it’s at a very drafty stage!) that you would like to workshop with participants, please upload it here in advance of the workshop.