Book Proposal Workshop

Angie Hogan is Humanities, Environment, and Science Editor at the University of Virginia Press, where she acquires books across a range of discplines and periods spanning from the seventeenth through twenty-first centuries. Currently, Angie also serves as Chair of the AUPresses Faculty Outreach Committee. She is particularly interested in demystifying the publishing process for scholars and has a passion for working with first-time authors as well as those who are in later stages of their career.

Workshop Description:

Please attend this workshop to understand the process of submitting a book proposal, and to receive feedback on a book proposal on which you are currently working. Please sign up straight away if you are interested in attending this workshop, even if you do not yet have a book proposal draft ready to submit. You can always fill out the form again with your proposal later, but it is more important to have a sense of interest in the workshop as soon as possible